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Use Cases

Here are a few of the most common use cases DevCycle’s feature management platform supports:.

Testing in Production

Without proper feature management tooling, dev teams often let code sit in long feature branches for weeks, only to find out the code doesn’t actually work once it’s finally deployed. With DevCycle, you can test your code in any environment to be sure it performs as expected on a subset of users. First, using the testing in production methodology, you’d create a QA version of the functional app. Then, if the QA passes, you can use real customers with a canary test or A/B testing to collect data on whether or not the new UI is better than the old one.

Kill Switches & Gradual Rollouts

Using kill switches and gradual rollouts alongside one another is perhaps the most powerful way to reduce the risk of code releases. Here’s why: code wrapped in a feature flag can be automatically toggled off and “killed” in a matter of seconds if it’s not performing as expected once released. Better yet, if you gradually release that code (to say, 1% of your user base upon initial release) that means the smallest subset of users possible were impacted by the code that didn’t perform well. In this case, you’d simply toggle the feature off and all users will revert to the default UI while your team fixes the code. 

Beta Management 

Beta testing is the most accurate way to get an honest look at how your product is performing with real users. While our testing in production capabilities allow you to release code internally to test its performance amongst your team members, using a beta-version of your software is an excellent way to test your code one final time on actual end-users before releasing it to your entire user base. 

Automated Scheduling 

Automated scheduling is another feature management use case that’s made even more powerful when paired with gradual rollouts. Gone are the days of manual releases – simply input your start and end dates for a code release, and DevCycle’s feature management solution will do the rest. It’ll release your code automatically to users gradually over the course of that time–reaching 100% of users on your specified end date. And if you notice a bug when it’s released to a small percentage of users on day 1, simply toggle it off!

Audience Segmentation/User Cohorts 

In the age of digital transformation, personalized user experiences are your competitive advantage. Feature flags make delivering personalized experiences to different cohorts in your user base a seamless process. With DevCycle, you can target users based on out-of-the-box attributes (country, device type, etc), or your own custom attributes.

Check out a more in-depth (though not exhaustive) list of the use-cases DevCycle’s feature management solution supports such as Split Testing or Dark Launches here!